Miniature in Stature – Giant in Character

With Velvet now in retirement, we were in search of a new talent.  We needed someone with the personality and charisma to “pull” it off (no pun intended).  We searched near and far, interviewed many prospective candidates but only one stood out above and beyond the rest.  We are pleased to introduce Nugget, a sorrel 2009 miniature mare standing at just 32 inches.  But don’t let her tiny size fool you.  She is quite the character and refuses to believe she is any less than 8 feet tall.  2017 will be her first season with DEPA.  Only time will tell what her true capabilities are.  While she doesn’t have the amazing back story that Velvet has, she shows great potential.  She is a riding and driving mini that will even lunge by voice.  So far, we have been amazed at her abilities and are excited for her future.  Keep checking in to see her progress.

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