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IMG_1161 resized   Some dream of spending every waking minute with a horse of their own. Some dream of dressing up in elaborate costumes and acting out magical stories. Some dream of making a difference by helping an animal in need. And then some can do all of these things. What made this attainable for Julie wasn’t anything she did, it was what the animals in her life did for her. She had to overcome her doubts, face her fears and open her heart. It would not have been possible without all her hooved and furry kids. Here at DEPA our slogan is to “Defy the odds. Live your dream!” We hope you’ll take a moment or two and browse through our website. Whether it’s the allure of equine expression or just a story that inspires you to be a better you, we believe there is something here for every horse lover.
All our Costumes are completely Custom, and Hand Made.

DEPA Ambassadors


1995-2015 - Performer, Showstopper, Gentleman


Veteran Performer, Mini Puller, Survivor

Human Members

Juile Davis

Owner, Performer

Susan Rummel

founding member, seamstress and mini driver with a heart of gold

Lisa Corneau

founding member, mini driver and long time friend with limitless generosity

Sara Petz

resident seamstress and hard working event assistant

Jim Rolf

Handy helper, actor, director and good friend

Jon Rummel

resident engineer and perfectionist

Animal Members


Lead Performer, Crowd Pleaser, Hay Monger


Apprentice Performer, Attention Grabberer, Stealer of Hearts

About Defiance Equine Performing Arts

There have to be others who want to perform with their equine partner. Maybe it’s a silly school girl dream but Julie chose to give it a try. DEPA is a humble gathering of passionate horse lovers with a desire to express themselves in a theatrical way. DEPA was created because we wanted to be able to share our visions with as many people as we could. Although DEPA is in it’s infancy, it is our hope to someday bring countless others together who have the same goals and inspire them to follow their equine dreams. It’s not easy to break out of the mold and go into an unknown realm. But the resulting experiences can be something you will cherish your whole life.

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